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Package Comparison Chart

Day Trading Fundamentals X X X
Office, Computer & Software Set-Up X X X
Broker & Trade Account Set-Up X X X
Trading Calendar X X X
Economic News Strategy X X X
Trader Psychology X X X
Technical Analysis “Reality Check”   X X
OHLC Bars vs Candle Sticks   X X
Proprietary Reversal Lines   X X
Understanding Moving Averages   X X
Understanding Trend Channels   X X
Understanding Trading Ranges   X X
Asia, Euro, USA Mkt., Compare   X X
Proprietary Indicators Ver. 1   X X
Understanding Days Of Week   X X
Volatility, Risk, Account Management   X X
Advance Market Psychology     X
Trending Day Strategies     X
Day Range Strategies     X
Super MACD, MACD, Mini-MACD     X
Trade Set-Ups with Strategy     X
Advanced Proprietary Indicators     X
Time Triggers     X
Trade and Risk Management     X
16-point Trading Plan     X
Cheat Sheets, Checklists, & Charts     X
Trade Room Archive     X
Trading with System Inventor     X
Unlimited Trade Coaching     X
Unlimited Tech Support for Platform     X
Inventors Annual Summit     X