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Oil Trading Mindset For Day Traders

Now that you understand the importance of what a Paradigm is and how that Paradigm affects the outcome of anything of importance please consider the following in “reframing” your present concept of trading.

Your ability to embrace a “New Mindset” that simplifies your strategies while embracing new realities will be the genesis of your success…..


Before you read a word, I want you to know that Jericho Trading LLC is unlike ANY other trading group or system in existence…a huge claim but factual, nonetheless

The assumption is you are serious about trading and are in hopes that you can find a system that works and a mentor to give you the guidance we both know all successful traders have.

There is a great saying that you have most likely heard it goes like this…

“Those that can’t, teach others how to”

Don’t Fall For Snake Oil

In truth, I have just described the overwhelming percentage of websites and their owners in this space. We know this to be fact from personal experience in this space and many others over the last 35 years.

That is not to say that there are no good traders that are good teachers but, in the end, they are all advocating the same thing, some iteration of price action combined with technical indicators that require a tremendous amount of time and experience to have any realistic chance of success.

The first thing you have to ask ANYONE who is teaching something that has the potential that day-trading futures has is obvious…Why teach when you can just trade and make the same fortune you claim your students can make.”

The sad truth is most tried to trade and know they cannot make the money that they can teach well-meaning and frankly naïve “clients.” Which is a nice way of saying they were unsuccessful traders or have a very real fear of losing money.

So why are we in this space? It’s simple!


The three owners of OilDayTraders.com have over 100 years of entrepreneurial business experience and recognize a great business model when we see it.

Time and space do not allow the complete story, but we found each other actually trading and during the course of our journey combined forces, made some life-changing discoveries and now are going to monetize our discoveries to the mutual benefit of those that we select to join us.

Manipulated Markets

I will include one very important detail regarding our discovery process which is this:

The oil market, at best, is highly manipulated and at worst, completely rigged.

EVERYTHING that we do, teach and train revolves around this truth and once understood and embraced you live on the flip side of this coin which says….

Fine, the market is manipulated or rigged and if you know beforehand how it is done you know what it will do.

If you know beforehand how to identify the patterns, you know where the oil price will go.

Provable, Trainable, Doable

Before you read a word, I want you to know that we are unlike ANY other trading group or system in existence…a huge claim but factual nonetheless.

That statement is either patently false or 100% reality…there is no in-between, Oil Day Traders.com is either …unlike ANY other trading group or system in existence…or not. Our discoveries and now methods are real, provable, trainable and executable.

So…the moment is upon us…what makes us exclusive…

I want you to imagine this scene…..

You walk into the largest institutional trading location in New York city 30 minutes BEFORE the market opens…no one knows you…you proceed to the middle of the room…there are hundreds of pairs of eyes on you…you announce to the entire group that you have valuable information to share regarding the Crude Oil Market


At the top of your voice you proceed to tell them the following:

  1. Which way the price will go over the next 3 hours
  2. The exact times that these movements will take place to the second
  3. Where they should set their take profit points
  4. If there will be any reversals when and where they will happen

By the time you get to point four the guards of the building are hastily ushering you out of the room…and those in. the room are pointing and laughing at you because of we all know….




Training & Coaching

OUR PROPRIETARY TRADING SYSTEM is a very sophisticated strategy that is in reality quite simple to execute. Remember everything we have and do is designed for serious individuals that want to prevail in the Crude Oil Futures Market.

Lastly and most important you will have access to our private and proprietary trading room whereupon you will have the ability to see our screen and get first-hand knowledge of how to carry out our instructions.

Food For Thought

Ray Kroc the founders of the McDonalds enterprise said the following:

Ray Kroc the founders of the McDonalds enterprise said the following:

There are three reasons that most people miss life-changing opportunities.

1. The first reason is that most people are simply not truly looking for life-changing opportunities
2. If a person is fortunate enough to understand the principle of truly looking, they are not able to recognize it when it is there for the taking
3. Lastly, assuming they were looking and made the right discovery, very few know how to take massive action.

In conclusion, if you are signed up and ready to start fantastic if you are still checking us out ….click here


Steve Duffus - Oil Day Trader

I would highly recommend the Jericho Trading program to the beginner and seasoned trader alike. The techniques and strategies you will learn will give you the results needed to become a consistent winner in the Oil Trading Markets. I have been trading a short time with this program, and have already experienced positive results that I never thought possible. In the beginning, I was encouraged to embrace the concept of having a mentor and now that I have done so, the results more than speak for themselves! So whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader, this is truly something you should invest in if you have the desire to be a successful trader.

Steve Duffus

 Earnest B - Oil Day Trader

I have greatly appreciated learning the unique, proprietary trading knowledge that defines the Jericho Trading System. After purchasing and learning the Jericho way of trading, my eyes have been opened to a completely new way of understanding the daily price moves of the Crude Oil Market. The Crude Oil Market’s irregular volatility now makes sense and can be anticipated! Jericho and their mentoring provides straight forward, simple, and even obvious truths to profitably trading the Crude Oil Market on a daily and weekly basis.

I’ve appreciated learning from experienced individuals that have multiple years of profitable trading records. The Jericho leaders are trading multiple times a week with the profits to demonstrate that they know what they’re doing.

Ernest B., - Southern California

 Shaun Lane - Oil Day Trader

I started with Jericho trading because like everyone else I wanted to make money from home. After learning their strategies in training, I was able to start off making with just a few hundred dollars a day (with minimal investment); which definitely made a difference in my life. Then after about 6 weeks of consistent results, I gained the confidence to increase my investment amount. I was able to profit a thousand plus dollars a day with this new-found confidence. I will say that it takes discipline to be successful using this trading strategy, but once you understand it your earning potential is uncapped! The Maverick Trading team does a great job of simplifying it regardless of your trading experience.

Shaun Lane