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Advance Your Skills

Up Your Oil Trading Game

Congratulations on having the fortitude and good sense to pursue the possibilities enhancing your skills leading to a more successful day trading career!

The team at OilDayTraders.com is dedicated to working with committed individuals that have a true desire to excel in the most lucrative futures market in existence, Crude Oil.

Single Laser Focus

Notice that we trade one commodity and one commodity only for the foreseeable future!

We know this market and are intimately tuned in to its daily rhythm and patterns.

This point is one of those principals that must not be overlooked or underemphasized.

How To Advance

Step One in our “Intermediate” qualification process is to complete the assessment on this page. –>

The questions have been specifically tailored to address the specific needs of day traders at the stages of their oil trading career where they are ready to take it to the next level.

What’s Next

Upon completion of the “Intermediate” assessment, you will be asked to supply your contact information.

We will contact you to discuss the findings of your individual assessment as well as our suggested go-forward strategy to get you trading even more profitable ASAP!


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