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Welcome to Oildaytraders.com and the possibilities a deeper look and commitment will produce.

Oil Day Traders is made of two individuals with two decades of study, learning and most importantly experiencing high-level success in the Crude Oil Futures Market. We have no interest in internet fame or attention and reserve our notoriety for the select few that choose us as their mentor. You are not going to see huge bios or incredible stories of where we started and are today. Frankly, if that is how some choose to try and sell their services we wish them the best, our approach is to simply provide you with proof of our concepts and then teach and train those desirous to emulate our success.


Advanced Knowledge

Imagine that you are starting a news agency and somehow you have advanced knowledge of what is going to happen 24 hours in advance. How successful is your news company going to be given the fact it knows tomorrow’s news, TODAY?

What I have just described best illustrates our discoveries made in the years of trading in the most lucrative commodity that exists…Crude Oil. We have the ability to leverage advanced knowledge of how the market will be moving several hours prior to the actual start of a trading session. Of course, that sounds too good to be true, but we make no apologies for our success and the success of our clients able to execute on the knowledge they gain through our guidance.

In short, it is our proprietary indicators that once learned and understood will give you the confidence to make moves in advance of the volume “spurts” that occur in the Crude Oil Market. It takes no prior experience whatsoever and will take just a few hours a week to implement.



We are not conspiracy theory nuts and in fact, it is the genesis of our system. After all these years in the trenches, we have discovered how to use our discoveries as the intellectual asset that they can be. And, when you have advanced information to start each and every trading day in hand, over time the results speak for themselves.

If you have been trading for years and have a deep understanding of technical indicators, price action, etc. etc. then what you would learn from us will change your life for the good with little or no roadblocks in sight.




In concluding it would be important for you to understand that we have zero competition since no one has the ability to teach you our discoveries nor do they enjoy the track record that we have established. We are well aware that the last statement is hard to conceptualize but hopefully it is all the more reason to reach out to us in the way of a free consultation and get all the facts.

So, if you want to commit to excellence, enjoy a 5-second commute to your home office and truly control your financial destiny, your next step is to contact us.


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