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My name is Cliff Jericho


Not many people realize this, but the entire financial system is manipulated.. This may be hard to believe, but it shouldn’t surprise you. If that statement resonates with you then understanding that the Crude Oil Futures market is at best highly manipulated should not be too much of a stretch. In fact the Crude Oil market is one of the most volatile and by some peoples description, dangerous markets to trade in existence. In reality, it is the volatility that makes it so incredibly profitable when you understand and can take advantage of it.

I’m offering to share my knowledge and expertise combined with my mentor’s while showing you a proven way of beating the market consistently. Once you know and understand my proprietary method which is seven years in the making, you will at the very least have to admit that what you are seeing is reality.

This for certain: When you start a trading session with an 82% probability of having the direction right it changes things for the positive on day one!

How to Get Started

I invite you to meet with me in my Vista business office & I will show you how I have discovered what trade or trades will happen before they actually happen.

In the alternative we can do a simple screen share and in no time at all you will see for yourself that my claims are a pleasant truth.

I can prove to you what I’ve discovered about this Manipulated Market in less than 30 minutes!

When you know the direction the price is going BEFORE it goes there day trading oil future’s gets very profitable!

Seeing is believing, so once you understand how my discovery of this Rigged Oil Market really works and gain confidence in what I am telling you, I will then personally coach you on the day to day moves that I use to make profitable oil trades each and every session.


Of course, this trading education has immense value when execute properly. After I have shown you enough to prove that the oil market is truly manipulated I know what is going to happen before it actually happens, then and only then will you pay me. What I’m saying is, ONLY pay me if I PROVE what I am talking about here is real.

I am well aware of the naysayers and frankly have no time for doubters. Highly trained institutional traders that trust price activated technical indicators have their method which I respect and I have my proprietary method that when compared to anything in existence today fairs extremely well.

I am only interested in showing what I have discovered to honest and qualified individuals that understand nothing is for free, and that this value proposition is something they view as a life changing investment.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

With personal hands-on coaching from me personally, you have the highest chance of success in your quest to become a highly successful oil trader.

90 Days of Mentorship

Hands-On Live Trade Coaching

Instant-Reply Trade Reviews & Critic


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Having an expert to trade with, looking over your shoulder and helping you to perfect your craft is priceless. It would be impossible to overstate the importance of having a coach or mentor in this endeavor. I have yet to meet the individual in the day trading arena that had made it to the truly self-sufficient level of trading on their own.

Evolving with the Market

There are hard and fast rules that once discovered over 10 years ago are still are in effect today. That said we are constantly testing since we know we must to stay current and as we make new discoveries we have always found a way to get that invaluable information into the hands of our clients both past and present. Critical: You must stay current with your commodity and the way the institutions trade and manipulate it…we make certain that happens.


Over the last few years I have created fantastic win/wins by combining individuals’ resources to create accounts that have the size to make then extremely profitable as well as safe. When you fully comprehend the system known as “Block Trading” where we combine several accounts and trade them as one you will appreciate the possibilities this innovative approach creates.


There are instances where individuals will request that I trade their account for them. This has proven to be a great concept for the right person as you will be observing my live trading and be able to learn first-hand as well as grow your account in the process.

*Not a solicitation of funds.

About Me

It is of paramount importance to understand that what I teach to qualified individuals started in 2011 and has been a work in progress that will always be trending upward. As stated earlier I trade Crude Oil Futures exclusively therefore every trading session starts and ends in the same manner…complete immersion in one central goal…winning trades with ONE commodity. This is an extremely important differentiation.

As a result, I have created a superior formula to predict winning trades in the Crude Oil Futures Market, following my Oil Trading System can produce high profits. Only a very small percentage of day traders are actually profitable. Following someone that is transparent, honest, and a proven winner is the only way to consistent gains. Years have been invested into perfecting this system with consistency and long-term success being the pillars of everything I teach and train.

Don’t be fooled by services that have no proof of a profitable history. Check their results carefully and demand verification because the majority of services are deceptive about being profitable because the truth would not serve them. This is a very sad but true statement.

In conclusion, please know that I have “paid my dues” to get to this place in what many consider a vocation that is a mirage. I have yet to meet the individual that has paid a higher price or made a larger commitment to winning that I have, and I would do it all over again to get to this place.

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Steve Duffus - Oil Day Trader

I would highly recommend the Jericho Trading program to the beginner and seasoned trader alike. The techniques and strategies you will learn will give you the results needed to become a consistent winner in the Oil Trading Markets. I have been trading a short time with this program, and have already experienced positive results that I never thought possible. In the beginning, I was encouraged to embrace the concept of having a mentor and now that I have done so, the results more than speak for themselves! So whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader, this is truly something you should invest in if you have the desire to be a successful trader.

Steve Duffus

 Earnest B - Oil Day Trader

I have greatly appreciated learning the unique, proprietary trading knowledge that defines the Jericho Trading System. After purchasing and learning the Jericho way of trading, my eyes have been opened to a completely new way of understanding the daily price moves of the Crude Oil Market. The Crude Oil Market’s irregular volatility now makes sense and can be anticipated! Jericho and their mentoring provides straight forward, simple, and even obvious truths to profitably trading the Crude Oil Market on a daily and weekly basis.

I’ve appreciated learning from experienced individuals that have multiple years of profitable trading records. The Jericho leaders are trading multiple times a week with the profits to demonstrate that they know what they’re doing.

Ernest B., - Southern California

 Shaun Lane - Oil Day Trader

I started with Jericho trading because like everyone else I wanted to make money from home. After learning their strategies in training, I was able to start off making with just a few hundred dollars a day (with minimal investment); which definitely made a difference in my life. Then after about 6 weeks of consistent results, I gained the confidence to increase my investment amount. I was able to profit a thousand plus dollars a day with this new-found confidence. I will say that it takes discipline to be successful using this trading strategy, but once you understand it your earning potential is uncapped! The Maverick Trading team does a great job of simplifying it regardless of your trading experience.

Shaun Lane

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Very seldom in business or life do you actually get anything remotely resembling a “proof of concept” but that is exactly what my offer is to those in a position to take advantage of it. My system is quantified and my guarantee is simple…I show you that I know what the market is going to do before it does it, and only then do we enter into an agreement.

This system is more than capable of producing life changing results. There is nothing better than taking a 5 second commute to your home office each day and making in 2-3 hours what many will never make in an entire day!

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Forging Your Own Path Today!